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We have faith, we have hope.

But your car needs some soap!

Hand Car Wash

100% committed to hand washing. STJ Car Wash prides itself on delivering a quality. 

Excellent Team

The best people from all over the car wash industry.

Talented Workers

A passion for car detailing runs in the blood.

STJ Hand Car Wash

STJ Car Wash is a car service center that is specialized in providing interior and exterior car cleaning.

Maintaining the surface of your vehicle is as important as maintaing the vehicle’s engine. A car that runs great and looks good may actually bring in a higer resale value than a vehicle than runs great but has a poor appearance . A clean vehicle’s paint will last longer and need fewer expensive repairs than paint that is allowed to become dull and thin due to oxidation.

Our Services

Best care for your car

We offer the best services. From full interior to full exterior. You have enought options to choose from.

 Why Choose Hand Car Wash?

  • Protect You and Your Loved Ones from Harmful Germs and Bacteria
  • Preserve the Beauty of Your Vehicle
  • Make Your Car Spic and Span
  • Allow Early Detection
  • Economical in the Long Run
  • Turn into a Fun Learning Activity
  • Prevent Premature Rusting
  • Boosts Fuel Efficiency
If you want to get the full benefits that hand car wash can bring,  schedule an appointment with the experts – STJ Car Wash!

We are Professional

100% committed to hand washing. From regular washing to full detailed grooms, STJ Car Wash will keep your car looking its absolute best. Feel free to drop by to discuss your cleaning needs with our friendly staff.